What is One Lonely Barrel all about?

One Lonely Barrel is about producing and sourcing great quality wine and providing it to my passionate wine lovers at exceptional value!!

My Personally Produced Barossa Shiraz. - "Now a bronze medal winner"*

This is where my passion lies, aiming to make the best possible wine I can by procuring the best possible fruit, handpicking, nurturing and handcrafting this wine from the 'Vineyard to the Bottle!' Aimed at the $30+ market this full bodied, dark, rich flavoured Shiraz is made to enjoy soon after a 12 month maturation period in French oak and certain to improve markedly as it ages. This is the One Lonely Barrel promise!

My 2012 Personally Produced Barossa Shiraz underwent a Blind Tasting with 6 other 2012 Shiraz's that ranged from between $18 and $36. My 2011 Personally Produced Shiraz (not available commercially) was the outright winner on the day exceeding the $36, 2012 Shiraz while my 2012 Personally Produced Shiraz was marginally behind the $36 Shiraz, this wine is considered as the 'Benchmark of Shiraz' in this market segment. I was obviously delighted that my wine delivered on the promise.

I have been making this Shiraz since 2003 and the 2012 Vintage is my first commercially available vintage with a limited production of 250 cases available for sale. *Visy 2013 Great Australian Challenge

At this time I personally produce only this wine, with the following purpose!

The purpose of my Personally Produced Barossa Shiraz 2012 wine!

The 2012 Personally Produced Barossa Shiraz is my first commercially available vintage with a limited production of 250 cases available for sale.

My 2013 Vintage now in production is also limited to 250 cases.

Ideally, I would like to create a 'syndicate or club' and have 250 to 300 wine lovers securing 1 to 3 cases of each vintage. Therefore there is a limit of up to 3 cases per customer at this time.

In the long term, my aim is to attract 200-300 customers who purchase 1 to 3 cases each and I will be limiting production to the needs of my "Club Members"

My current plan is to limit production eventually to no more than 1000 cases.

The wine is aimed at the $30+ market and sells for around $18.

My Personally Selected Wines.

These are wines, which I personally select and purchase, in small quantities (2 to 3 barrels) representing exceptional value for money.

The Barossa Cabernet Merlot 2008 an example originally retailed for $28.95 under its own label, and $13* under my One Lonely Barrel Personally Selected label.

The purpose of my Personally Selected Wines

The aim here is to secure good quality wine and make it available to my One Lonely Barrel Club members at prices that are up to or beyond 50% less than what you would expect to pay for wine under its own label or wine of similar quality.

A Short History of My Journey with

One Lonely Barrel.

I began my passionate journey into Winemaking in 2002. My first barrel was a disaster!

I made the first "Coke" flavoured red wine, not good and the story too long to tell here. Maybe later.

I then went looking for the 'Instruction Book' as we do! After a few hours on the net, I found a site that caught my eye. The homepage read: "to make a good wine, find a good grape".

It has proven to be great advice...

After attending a number of winemaking courses, reading a few books and with a little help from a handful of friends, the 2003 vintage (only six bottles left) was quite a success. A delicious Barossa Shiraz handpicked and matured in a 300-litre barrel for 12 months to share with family and friends. Wine always tastes better when shared with family and friends, don't you agree? Hence the slogan, "It's all about sharing!"

'One Lonely Barrel' was named after I came back from my friend's winery having seen hundreds of barrels in storage stacked 4 and 5 high, my 'one lonely barrel' tucked away in the corner of my garage, looked very 'lonely' indeed!

Music is one of my other great passions, even though I am tone deaf and no one else in my family appreciates my music library which is underpinned by full collection of work by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Jethro Tull. My wine labels were dedicated to a number of my favourite albums covers from these artists until 2010.

The 2010 vintage is proudly dedicated to our two grandchildren born in the same year. I produced two barrels of the 2010 vintage, a barrel of Shiraz as usual and a barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon for the first time. The intention was to individually label the wines dedicating them to each of our grandchildren. However upon tasting the wines just before bottling it was agreed that a blend of them both made for a better wine overall. Therefore, both of the grandchildren adorn the 2010 Cabernet Shiraz', which is only for sharing and not for sale.

In 2006 I entered both my 2005 and 2006 vintages in the Tanunda Show, Amateur Winemakers Competition. The 2005 Shiraz won best in class for a 2005 on the day. The 2006 also won best in class for a 2006 Shiraz and Best Wine in show! Needless to say I was very excited.

Since then, family, friends and colleagues have continued to provide very positive feedback in regards to the taste and quality of the wine that I was making. A wine that can be enjoyed very soon after bottling and becomes quite exceptional drinking after it is laid down for a few years.

My aim with the wine that I Personally Produce is to create a One Lonely Barrel Syndicate or club amongst a network of passionate wine lovers that I know and in turn you may know. I am only producing a limited quantity of this wine (250 cases for 2012 and 2013). Eventually limiting production to no more than 1000 cases. My ideal situation would be to have 250 to 300 wine lovers securing 1 to 3 cases of each vintage. Therefore there is a limit of up to 3 cases per customer at this time.

So, I invite you to share the passion for wine with me and secure a case of One Lonely Barrel Personally Produced 2012 Shiraz, which was released on the 3rd of June 2013!

You may also wish to consider trying some of the great value, high quality, and wine that I have Personally Selected for you!

It's all about sharing