My One Lonely Barrel 2012 Barossa Shiraz Delivers On The Promise!

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On Monday the 3rd of June the long awaited release of my Personally Produced Barossa Shiraz 2012 finally happened!!

72 wine lovers received their pre-order during the week and I have already had many positive comments on the vintage, with some ordering a second and third case!

Prior to release on Friday 31st May, I held a ‘blind tasting’ resulting in more exciting results. This is an extract of the email I sent to my first group of One Lonely Barrel Club Members.

I am excited to report that last Friday, 31st of May, I held a Blind Tasting to test my promise of ‘producing a wine that was most approachable when you receive it and is sure to improve markedly with age’.

My 2012 and 2011 Shiraz was amongst 6 other 2012 SA Shiraz’. Wines ranged from $18 to $36.

My Personally Produced Shiraz 2011 was the outright Winner on the day well ahead of the $36 wine, a benchmark Shiraz from the Barossa.

You could imagine how excited I was with the result!

I have purchased another set of these wines, will put them away and perform another blind tasting in 12 months’ time to see how our 2012 Shiraz shapes up against these wines over this time.

However, the real test rests with you. I am hoping that it will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

My aim with the wine that I Personally Produce (250 cases) is to create a One Lonely Barrel Syndicate or Club amongst a network of wine lovers that I know and in turn you may know.

Ideally, in the longer term, my aim is to attract 250-300 wine lovers who purchase 1 to 3 cases at each vintage. I plan to limit production in line with the needs of my “Club Members.” Therefore currently purchase is limited to 3 cases per customer. The second and third case can be purchased @175.00 per case when purchased by EFT only]

It’s all About Sharing!


John Samartzis

One Lonely Barrel

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