Searching for “ASSYRITKO”

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Searching for Assyrtiko! -The Story 

On a recent trip to Santorini I discovered Assyrtiko a grape variety that originates from the famously beautiful island.

Growing on Low bushvines with weaved cane baskets keeping the precious fruit from touching the ground.

These very low yielding bushvines  are cultivated on sandy rocky soils that formed from the volcanic explosion which occurred around 1630 B.C.

Although limestone is prominent in the southeast part of the island, the soil in the vineyards is mostly sandy and rocky and is composed of pumice, lava and pyroclastic materials 1 

Pyroclasts may be ejected while still molten or partially molten, or may consist of solidified magma or of other rock fragments. 

Pyroclasts may also include individual crystals, crystal fragments, and fragments of volcanic glass. Cinders, ash, and volcanic bombs are all pyroclasts..

This terrior produces  a wine with  Lemon, lime, saline, oyster shell and honeysuckle like  characteristics A very savory quality. 

On The Palate: It’s lusciuos acidity smoothes down to honey and lemon sherbet on its way to the finish.

Due to their low yield and customer demand Santorini wines are quite expensive ranging from $65 /bottle to over $300 (AUD)  

The Assyrtiko  variety has become extremely popular and is now being grown on other islands and the main land of Greece!  
One Lonely Barrel was fortunate enough to be introduced to George Pavilos from Ktima Pavilou Wines in Nemea, 
At the Hiltop tasting station i samples his latest Assyrtiko vintage and in one word Delicious! A mouthful of Chardonnay / Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc just blew me away.So, I am importing a small quantity of 18cases (36 x 6packs) of this wine to sell for around $38 /Bottle! 

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