The Story of One Lonely Barrel.

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3 Comments on “The Story of One Lonely Barrel.”

  1. Bravo John
    What a great story. Thanks so much for your passion and devotion to the craft. You actually DID what many of us think we’d like to do. But Life gets in the way. And we don’t have the talent or the opportunity.
    But you did. And its great to enjoy the adventure serendipitously – and to enjoy your lovely wines.
    Warmest Best Wishes

  2. Super story and great video John.
    I think I still have one of your original bottles and no doubt, like you, getting better with age.
    Keep up the passion and enjoy life.

  3. Great video about you and your amazing Wine.
    Your passion and pride is enjoyed in every drop of your fine wine …. Congrats!

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